Realization #90 – PEACE

Love is Peace. We often go through our lives wishing for peace, searching for it, and oftentimes looking for it through another. Peace is a state of mind; it is not found in a person, place, nor thing.

Peace is what the heart feels when letting go of all thoughts of fear. Peace comes from faith that we are always taken good care of, in all ways.

How can we get to that point of feeling that, of being in that Vibrational Frequency of Peace? Gratitude comes to mind, and yet when one feels discouraged or despondent, we somehow just can’t even find one thing to feel grateful for. Immersed in our own little world, we ponder and ponder until that one thought dominates all others, and we feel anything but peaceful.

Many try to maintain or find peace outside of themselves; drinking alcohol, ingesting drugs, both legal and illegal, gambling, having sex without feeling anything…all these are ways outside of oneself that many feel they will find, or can keep peace in their lives.

And yet, it eludes us. Peace usually does not come at all during those ‘artificial’ highs, and if it does, because it was brought about from something outside of ourselves, which is neither permanent, nor even real, it quickly will slip away and once again, we become and experience a state of turmoil or uneasiness; again we continue looking and searching for that one person, place or thing that can bring us everlasting tranquility.

That’s really all we truly wish for….to be happy, loved…peaceful.

The solution is to Be Still. Calming oneself, and at the same time, being aware of what our feelings are showing up as.

Whatever that feeling is, instead of resisting it, embrace it with all the love you can. You are NOT wrong to feel scared, unsettled, abandoned, betrayed or used. You are Love, and all those negative states of being are very temporary and unreal. Breathe in deeply, and just Observe it all. At that moment Peace will uplift you, for you are becoming the Observer, and you cannot be something and observe it at the same time.

Peace will then show up, and stay.

Love, Peace, Goodness… being Still, you are being good to yourself; you are giving yourself time to re balance. Love follows, and Peace shows up.

Blessed Be.

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