Realization #91 – Honor

We honor many situations…..from others to the incidents in our history and personal life. We make days, called ‘holidays’ that honor a situation that has occurred or honoring a deed of an individual.

But what is honor? What does it mean to honor someone or something?

Honor is Complete Awareness. All honor comes from more than expectation or belief…it is a Knowing…..a knowing that is indisputable.

To honor our bodies, is to know and provide what is needed for optimum health and wellness.

To honor our mind is to put into it only the Highest Truth, the most positive thoughts, and to take good care of our physical brain, by preventing anything that affects this wonderful ‘creation machine negatively,'(in any way), (such as addictions, ie, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc.).

However, to honor our Spirits, we need only to be Aware….of ourselves and all others.

For what we do to another, (As a Great Master once stated), we do to ourselves. And what we do to ourselves, we also do to another. We, by our thoughts, by our Awareness, affect all; every living thing….and so the Universe, being one Being, one living Life Force, is always in a state of pure Honor/Awareness/Love.

Evil is purely from a simple lack of Awareness. The Christ Consciousness is the opposite…. Complete and Total Awareness.

To honor oneself is to honor God, for both are the same. Our pure energy, our life force is God, whatever you conceive God to be. To Honor God, we must Honor Ourselves…in other words, to be completely aware of Who We Really Are.

Both are interchangeable. Both are the same. Love Reflects Love.

Truly there is no other Being sitting here, but One.

We are That.

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