Realization #92 – Violence

Violence….an act against Self…to be violent is to forget that you are everywhere, in every form, and truly what you do to another, you do to yourself.

Maybe that is ok with you? Maybe you wish to hurt yourself or someone else…what then?

We all have had times when we wanted to ‘get someone back’ for what they did to us, or what they did to another.

We all have had times when we wished the worst for someone, rather than wishing them well.

We all have had times when we were upset with ourselves, and hated who we were being.

These times we were asleep, and there is no right or wrong to that statement, for when we are sleeping, we know not what we are doing. The same thing goes for those who like to see someone punished or to see someone suffer in the name of ‘being right,’ or just for the sake of seeing that person in pain.

Another form of ‘passive violence,’ is with our thoughts….as when we are not happy for someones’ good fortune or achievements.

There are names for these types of disorders, but all that is an illusion, for we are Pure Love, and some just have temporarily forgotten.

The truth is there is only Love; all else not real. In our reality, everything has already been done. What we feel, we will then be drawn to that dimension, that ‘frequency’ taking us to an experience that matches our feelings. So many outcomes for each feeling we have….

So be mindful, not careful, but mindful….for what you feel, what makes you feel a certain way, will bring that experience eventually to you. (Some have called this ‘instant karma;’ however this is really just the fact that we are all the same energy, so what you do to another, you just are doing to yourself and with our ‘time delay’ in this reality, it appears as if it just takes a bit of time to finally affect you, but it eventually will…that is the Law).

Violence therefore, breeds more violence. Envy, more to envy. Hatred, more reasons to hate. And feelings of violence or fear of it? Well, the experience of violence eventually will find you.

The same with Love.

That is Law….Universal Law. As a Great Master once stated, ‘…what you do to my brethren, you do to me….’

Right and wrong are subjective…there truly is no right or wrong, but what we make it out to be.

Therefore, if you are experiencing violence in any way, whether receiving or giving, change your frequency to love yourself, and all others. The ‘shadow’ in your life is to give you a chance to see your own light.

Remember, in order to experience yourself as being forgiving, you need someone to forgive.

All are Blessed Souls. See no one as ‘villian,’ and see no one as ‘victim’…..this includes youself!

Violence then becomes not only an illusion, but unnecessary to experience ever again, for when
Loving yourself, you will then experience yourself as Love.

For Love needs nothing else; it is without need and is of itself enough.

Love Reflects Love, and that dispels all illusions, including violence.

How to start? Once again, with anything you can think of to feel and live in a Being state of Gratitude.

Blessed Be.

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