Realization #93 – Repetition

So many times we repeat our thoughts, and then our deeds, which lead to experiencing the same results, over and over again. Einstein said it best: “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Many have heard that statement, but what does it really imply?

It implies “Repetition” at it’s worst. Repetition like everything else, is neither good or bad…it’s how we use it.

We can excel at anything through constant repetition, such as playing a musical instrument, learning a language, etc. But when does it become an experience of feeling insane? When does it start feeling chaotic, confusing, and meaningless?
Repeating the same reaction to a stimuli will cause the same response. We see this in how some reprimand their children, their pets, handle their anger or stress situations. They often do not like the results, but keep repeating their behavior, none the less, and then, once again, experiencing the same end result again, and again, and again. This usually becomes a downhill spiral, until it does not; meaning until an awareness is reached, hence a change is finally noted.

Humans are oftentimes creatures of habit. This does not mean that they like habits, but rather they get into a pattern easily. This works when we are in school, study habits we create to help us excel, etc. But when we continuously do/react to a problem situation using the same tools, or not using any tools, the results are usually the same. That is unless, something else creeps in that changes it enough to render a different outcome. That “something else,” is usually when we say to ourselves, “I have had enough!” That “statement of BEING” literally forces us to make a new decision, and hence a new choice.

This often is quite done ‘unconsciously,’ meaning that we are not aware of what we have just decided, which results in stopping the ‘repetition.’

We may finally start behaving differently to that person, place, or thing that is causing this duress, and suddenly we literally find ourselves in a completely different frame of mind, and ultimately, a different situation.

Thus, the repetition finally comes to an end, and with it a different result that we can then evaluate for efficiency, and problem solving.

Repetition is an important ingredient in our own personal and collective evolution. Repetition brings us clarity until we are ready for a change. We do something over and over again to prove to ourselves that this outcome is assured. It is therefore perfectly OK to continue to do something again and again, even though it may not be working, to display to ourselves what does not work. It is just a matter of how many times you need to go through with this experience/experiment, before you try something else, (hence, before you have declared, ‘you have finally had enough!)

Some feel the need to continue their pattern because they are not aware of a different way to do whatever they are doing/repeating to get whatever result they are seeking. Much of this is due to conditioning from birth, social class, education, ethnicity, life experience, past data of painful experiences, etc. The list goes on and on as to how we think and feel our way through our lifetime.

The whole point is that repetition is necessary and also something that, once we become aware, we will stop in order to expand and grow.

Evolution could not exist without repetition, and yet, there could be no evolution if repetition continues (that is, without change; hence another divine dicotomy). One leads to the other, and yet one cannot exist if the other does continue it’s path.

Therefore, it may help us to consider that when we repeat something over and over again, it may serve to do three things: first of all, watch how many times this situation is occurring; secondly how much there is enjoyment in the outcome, (it is hurting you or someone else to continue this particular path?), and lastly, how does it serve oneself?

If you can honestly take some time to ask and answer these questions, you will automatically change/stop any repetition that is causing a problem in your life… all is dependent on your answers. For, with all respect to everyone’s opinion of why we are here and where we are going, our “outcome” is always assured. We are always safe, and there is only advancement. The choice/free will, is how long one wishes to take….how much repetition we allow and for how long.

We all go back to from whence we came; we all are going home….what path we choose, how easy or hard, how long we take, is always a choice, and (as usual)…..up to us.


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