Realization #94 – Spiritual Health

So often we find ourselves thinking of ‘health’ as a physical thing;  if we truly give it a deeper look, we will also view ‘health’ as an emotional state.

However, Spiritual Health is quite different from how we usually view the topic of good health, as we usually see health in more solid, physical terms.

Spiritual Health is really all about BALANCE. We can, as implied in the movie, ‘The Secret,’ by Rhonda Bryne, realize that being ‘Spiritual’ also means being in good health…mind, body, and Soul. For as stated in the movie, ‘you can say you are Spiritual, but if you are ill or poor…well, that is not being spiritual…’, for true and complete ‘Spiritual Health’ is being in balance in all areas.

This statement is not to shame nor to blame. We all are where we are for a reason, and that reason is EVOLUTION. There is only Good. There is constant change, and as Neale Donald Walsch’s book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,’ also states, ‘ALL CHANGE IS GOOD.’

Therefore, to have Spiritual Health is to create and keep balance.

One way that works is to enhance our Life Force. We are Energy (as everything is). This list includes all forms of foods. Food is also a life force and is meant to enhance our own ‘separate’ life force as well. (Of course, there is really ‘no separation,’ as there is only one Being sitting here; we are all One! For the sake of our perception of ‘individuality’ I use the term ‘separate.’)

Choosing ‘natural foods,’ (unprocessed) which have the longest ‘shelf life,’ without being ‘preserved’ with chemicals, etc., have the highest life force. An ‘orange’ or an ‘animal product’….which has the longest shelf life? The stronger the life force, the longer the shelf life is, and ultimately, will enhance and balance our own life force.

This article in by no means advocating a ‘vegetarian diet.’ Rather, this article is written with the intention of offering the opportunity in seeing all foods as Energy, and then to make your choice according to enhancing your own life force/Energy.

Spiritual Health brings about an accelerated evolutionary experience. This is the year 2012; everything is accelerated as we enter this Ascension into the New Earth. All are allowed to enter…all will.

For Our Highest Choice, in our Truest and Purest Sense of Who We Really Are, is Love.

Loving ourselves and all others, will bring us into a frequency/dimension/state of Spiritual Health.

This I know for sure.


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