Realization #95– In and Out of Enlightenment


So many have experienced Enlightenment…and then, they fall back into the world!

This really is all about our ‘Spiritual Health.”  Isn’t that what leads us to Enlightenment?  Or is there something more to it?

Myself, without exception, often allow fear to enter back in. We feel so elated at our
‘Awakening,’ and then, it seems to fade slowly away. It still is always there, but we often have a hard time ‘feeling it again.’

What is THAT all about???

This is a very important time on our Planet. I have viewed other writings that indicate that all the Universal Life Forms are lovingly watching in awe, anticipation, and praying for our ‘Ascending’ to the New Earth. We are already in the “New Earth;” many just do not know it, and hence have not yet experienced it…at least, not for very long. That is what I am referring to when I write of the Enlightened feeling that comes and goes….Our Christed State of Being is inevitable; it is just a question of releasing fear and allowing.

As quoted in the book, “Conversations With God, Book 1,” by Neale Donald Walsch, fear is referred to as really nothing more than, “False Evidence Appearing Real,’ and also states in his more recent book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” a new acronym for fear that would better serve us is, “Feeling Excited And Ready!”

Another acronym I have heard that is very useful is one for SATAN….Seeing All Things As Negative.
(No real ‘being’ here, but rather just another perception that would serve us to change!)

These different ways to look at fear are once again, a matter of perspective…how do YOU wish to view them?

Getting back to feeling “enlightened,” and then it fading, simply means that we are on our way…that this is all part of our Spiritual Evolution.

It is so important to be free of judging ourselves or others. No one is better or more ready than anyone else, for all have their own path and that particular ‘path’ is  perfect for each and every one.

So the next time you feel angry or scared at ‘getting it’ only for a short while, remember that it is most likely (and only presently)  your process;  and that as in school, sometimes you get all the answers correct on an exam, and sometimes you don’t, but eventually you do pass!

We are not in a school; there is nothing to learn (as in school),  but rather we are only here to remember who we “Really Are” (That is another quote from Walsh’s books).  The highest truth is that we are all safe, all ‘Home’ already and it’s just a matter of Awareness to that Truth.

How to ‘become Aware?” Be still; do all you can to stay in the moment of NOW. A few excellent books that are  useful tools  for this process are, Echardt Tolle’s, ‘The Power of Now,’ and ‘The New Earth.’  If you have already read them, reading them again will bring awareness in this moment of NOW that were missed before.

Awareness comes easily to those who desire it.

And that is truly the key…start thinking and feeling ‘Aware’ by choosing to Be that!

Enjoy every moment, whether it’s an ‘enlightened moment or not,’ for all are Sacred Beings of the Universe and all moments blessed. It does not matter what we have done, do now, or will become, for all go back to from whence they came. It may serve one however, to start paying attention to what you are currently thinking and FEELING. And if you are not ‘feeling happy,’ then that is a signal to do what you can to change ‘ feeling bad’ to ‘feeling  GOOD.’  This suggestion is only one path to Awareness and to Enlightenment…there are countless others. How do you know what is right for you? One way is to ask yourself, how does it make you feel? And remember in your Highest Choice, none are ever harmed, but only Loved, including YOURSELF!

We are all safe; we are always Loved.

As the old sayings goes….”Be patient with yourself.”

Love and treat yourself as you would a child that you love;  choose for yourself what
you would choose for your child in the Highest sense of Who You Really Are, and Love will always be your experience, as will “Enlightenment”… Enlightenment that will become your permanent reality….an Enlightened State of Being that will stay!


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