Realization #96 – That Which We Judge

Ever have someone show up in your reality, and you just can’t stand them? They just get to you somehow….they either ’cause you’ to feel anger you, help you to create a ‘nervous’ stomach, or downright just scare you!

These people are Masters whom have come to ‘show you a mirror;’ a mirror of what we are ‘reflecting.’ This in no way is blaming anyone for suffering; it is also not about judgment or trying to make you judge yourself (or anyone else) in any way.

This is all about reflection. (There is a topic called the “The 7 Essene Mirrors,” and you can see more about this if you check this title with author and speaker Gregg Braden on for more information). When someone upsets us, it may serve to ask the question to oneself,  ‘are they showing me that which I judge?’

One example of this would be the following: if you value truth, integrity, honesty, and value it to the point that you judge others who do not at this moment display those said qualities, you may be ‘judging’ them in that they do not. This judgment will bring about people and situations showing up in your reality that are displaying these characteristics to you.

Healing the judgment will dissolve these life experiences that may show up in your reality.

By ‘healing’ we must acknowledge we indeed are judging, and open our hearts to dissolving it with Love.

All are blessed souls whom come to us to help us to heal.

All are here to help us to Be, ultimately and consciously, Love.


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