Realization #97 – Remembrance

So often it feels as if we do not have a connection with God. We stress about daily problems, fearful sometimes of impending possible doom upon us even before it happens; thinking so hard about negative possibilities that have not occurred that it often feels as if it has already happened.

To think about the good that can come is often not a thought. We are usually afraid to think positive because we somehow think it cannot be true. Why is that? Why do we go to the negative outcome first?

We come into this world to some degree, asleep; asleep in that we do not remember from whence we have come. We do this on purpose. We create a ‘relativity field’ and literally ‘play.’ We play make believe. We imagine, and then it appears. It does not appear immediately (that happens in a different frequency in another dimension), but we definitely do imagine and create. This ‘playground’ can seem very real at times, and if we allow ourselves to become ‘in the world,’ it can sometimes become very scary indeed!

Hence, the statement, ‘to be in the world, but not of it,’ that is an experience of enlightenment.

Whether it is consciously or unconsciously that we create, depends upon our own personal evolutionary choices.

We create sending ourselves messages in the form of people, situations, and yes, even writings such as these. We are all capable of remembering who we Really Are (Spirit), and we are all capable of receiving the messages that truly come from within.

It is simply a choice.

To remember, therefore, is to make a choice to; to decide to allow that awareness to become your experience.

When Jesus Christ said, “ask and it shall be answered; knock and it shall be opened,’ that was in reference to choosing. Creation is a choice; it is just a matter of whether we do it with purpose, feeling and being aware of what those are.

What is your intention? What is the feeling you are experiencing? That will tell you what you are in store to receive from what you are now ‘creating.’

This is more than thought; this is about feeling. We must actively and on purpose make a choice, and then a decision to Be Awareness. Alowing yourself to ‘remember’ who you Really Are; what you are truly capable of, and in remembrance of the Blessed Being of Light we all truly are is a CHOICE….a choice to be in a state of REMEMBRANCE..

For to Be in that state is to remember that, as Jesus had said, ‘to do this in remembrance of Me,
meaning, when you honor yourself you will choose to remember who you Really Are, and in Being that, you honor God.

….and ‘Heaven On Earth’ is then experienced, here and now.

Blessed Be.

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