Realization #99 – Why Be Grateful?

We constantly hear from great Spiritual teachers, to our religious leaders, to our parents, loved ones and friends, that we should “Be Grateful.”

Pondering this statement, I started to really think about and question as to why. In our youth, it seemed more to be about manners than anything else. But asking why thanking in general was so important, and especially to thank ‘God’ was even more so, (in order to continue to experience blessings) I realized how unnecessary it all seemed.

God is without need. God does not ‘need’ a thank you in order to give us ‘the Kingdom.’ We are already loved and cared for and always will be, ‘world without end…’ so to speak. So then why? Why is it so important to show gratitude?

The answer I received is this: We are all One. We are all energy; We all are therefore, an energy called Love. The reason we are in existence is to demonstrate that….to demonstrate Love. We are to look upon everything, and everyone, and marvel at whom “WE ARE,” for we are THAT too! Therefore, to look upon ‘another,’ (which is US in another form) and feeling gratitude, showing thankfulness, causes US in another form to feel that gratitude, for how else can we experience what it means to Love, but to give?

Think about when one does something for someone and not an acknowledgment or ‘thank you’ is spoken. The one that gave doesn’t feel that they gave anything. We hear this all the time about feeling unappreciated. It’s not that we ‘need’ that gratitude; rather, it’s an acknowledgment that we HAVE indeed given at all…that we have Loved.

That Great Being, that wonderful grand Intelligence; that Energy called Love/God/Universe/One Mind/The Great I AM, etc., when feeling and experiencing gratitude, only gives more. The reason? Gratitude is not only a statement that we ‘have’ received, but it is also a statement that causes the giver to EXPERIENCE LOVE…in other words, how it feels TO LOVE.

For the greatest part of Loving, is the giving, and the acknowledgment that whom we gave to, received.

…and so the expression, I can of mine own self, do nothing is a statement that Love and gratitude work from the same side of the spectrum; both reflect Love back to the sender of it (which is reflecting back to Self).

Gratitude helps the ‘sender’ to experience what it feels like in ‘physicality,’ TO LOVE.

Love, itself is enough; for truly, Love asks nothing else, but to give.


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