REALIZATION #106 – Enhancement

How often do we hear that relationships are not working? Even the ‘best;’ you know, the ones we think are solid, often they end. Why? As stated in a book by Neale Donald Walsch, ‘Conversations with God, Book 1, relationships are sacred. They are the best (and really the ONLY way) to demonstrate different states of BEING. We ‘get to’ experience what we know conceptually through them, and there is no better way to do so than
through a ‘relationship.’ You might say that we get to be what we wish to be ‘in relation’ to that person/situation.

So what gives? Why such sadness, trauma, broken hearts? We seem to try so hard to keep the relationship going, only to so often experience the negative side of ‘ getting close,’ opening our heart….trusting.

If we really look within, (where the ANSWER ALWAYS LIES) we will see that most relationships are entered into for the wrong reason. We do not consciously do this, but we enter them for reasons such as, yes, BEING IN LOVE, and worse yet, NEEDING that person. Relationships were intended to help us create the best aspects of ourselves, and then SHARE them with that significant other. In other words, relationships were meant to ENHANCE the OTHER, not TAKE FROM THE OTHER.

When we are in Love, we say we need that person; that the other person may cause us to feel whole, and then we come into the relationship and feel LESS. Yes, we do this because instead of going in with the intention of giving, we go into the relationship with the intention of taking, or ‘getting.’ We do this because we feel so happy to be around that person; so content. And then we start expecting that feeling to stay. We also expect that person to ‘keep us feeling good,’ and if they do not, we get angry, hurt, and SCARED!

Relationships are to help each other to feel what it feels like TO LOVE someone. Getting or feeling Loved in return is the by-product; in other words, something that shows up because of what WE ARE BEING/GIVING. And what is most interesting in this is that our Universe runs on certain Laws, one of them being that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Law). Receiving, therefore is experienced only when we have GIVEN. Being Loved is truly a return felt from having given Love, or LOVING.

The only true Love relationship is one of wishing to Enhance each others’ life. To BE that is to experience BEING LOVE rather than just as a concept. This is what God is; what God does; God creates/God Is Love. This is our true Nature. We are THAT.

And enhancing someone’s life always leads to being loved in return, and being enhanced in return. Why? Because there is no other BUT YOU!


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