Reprinted by Request – Feeling Good/Feeling Bad

So many have sent me emails commenting how this particular “Realization” has helped them, that I have been requested to reprint this for all whom have just started following this blog; thank you for your continued loving thoughts and support! Blessings! Ellen

All this “feeling good” stuff….how hard is it when you do not “Feel Good?” Very hard.

That is, until it is not.

Many wonder…what does that really mean? We hear it quite often…we will do something, until we do not. It means that until we realize what we are ‘Being,’ in every moment; until we are aware, we will continue to do the same thing over and over and over again…without fail, until we finally ‘get it.’

So, getting back to this ‘feeling good/feeling bad situation…when we feel bad, we are literally, and I mean LITERALLY, projecting ourselves into a different dimension…yes, you read correctly, a different DIMENSION….meaning that how we ‘FEEL’ vibrates at certain frequencies, and we literally project ourselves into a dimension that looks like the same place, but is quite different. Different meaning that we will experience a different outcome than another dimension that looks just like this one.

This sounds “make believe,” or “something from a sci-fi book,’ but the truth is that frequencies are very real, and as a book called “Frequency,” by Penney Peirce, states, “We don’t have to go anywhere. We are living in a global initiation chamber, with these geophysical conditions occurring on a worldwide scale…”

So, we basically ARE a time machine….we just didn’t know it. We go about, allowing life experiences to ‘cause an emotion,’ that we feel completely powerless over, and then we REACT, and then we have a feeling about it, sometimes a very bad feeling, or sometimes a very good feeling, depending on the event. We then look at it a certain way (our perspective, which become our perception), and THINK about it, and FEEL a certain way about it, and then we literally “blink” and we have transported into a dimension that we have no idea we have projected into…..So, we go about our day, and sometimes we have these “great days,” and sometimes everything that can go wrong, does….and we ask ourselves, “why.” Or worst yet, we start complaining about it to everyone, and then we continue to feel bad about it, and then we have another bad day; and sadly sometimes it continues….ALL OF OUR LIFE!

We are Energy. We are a completely Loving Energy. What we feel we create, that is, we transport ourselves into a dimension that matches our ‘feelings,’ and that can be very bad or very good. And in each dimension, different outcomes, different events occur; also different treatment from the same person can change, and does.

As Jesus Christ stated, “in a blink of an eye…” And “what I can do, so you will do these things and greater.”

The truth is we do not go anywhere…we vibrate in and out of dimensions, while standing in the same space. We do this based on ‘what frequency’ we are ‘in.’ We do this daily, and that is what is meant when it is stated, “Heaven is Here Now.”

Imagine what is possible if we are in the most loving state of mind…Loving everyone and everything and……loving ourselves?

Blessings to all…..and remember………….FEEL GOOD! For the “thousand years of peace” is a dimension that is entered into by feeling good and feeling/Being…….LOVE.

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