I have made an absolutely wonderful discovery and wish to share this with all:

Health is our true wealth….so many are suffering today and feeling their only hope is to look outside of themselves, going to doctors, paying BIG PHARM to get them back to wellness. It is understandable, and while allopathic methods have their place, we ALSO have a healing system within our bodies, minds, and our Soul.

I have been introduced to a wellness device that I can personally attest to works!

I have had a sore throat, cold, chest cold, etc., and all the signs of the flu, and running this device for 8 hours, I awoke completely recovered, with absolutely no signs that I had been ill.

I have a friend who has such bad arthritis that her knuckles were swollen and she could not play her musical instrument. I ran this frequency device on her for l l/2 hours and the next day she texted me that not only did the swelling do down, but she played, pain-free, and has been that way ever since.

It is called the GENIUS INSIGHT HEALTH APP, and can be run on an IPAD or Android device. It sounds incredible, but can be basically called ‘Frequency or, ENERGY MEDICINE. It runs by frequencies of our bodies and helps us bring ourselves back to wellness, as we match the wellness frequency it emits and raise our emotions, we bring our physical structure back to the frequency that is NATURAL, COMPLETE health and balance.

WE are doing this OURSELVES, by matching the frequency it emits to regain our natural state of good health and well being.

While it is normal, but not natural to be skeptical, it is understandable. Please consider how this works; here is a simple yet good comparison:

We have a wireless cellular phone. We can call Japan from this device. The phone number or FREQUENCY, goes into the air, hits a cell tower, bounces to a satellite, and then bounces from that satellite to a cell tower in Japan, and to the EXACT cell phone, and ONLY THAT CELL PHONE WILL RING. Yes, in the whole world, that phone number is the ‘frequency’ for only that cell phone.

This principle is a very simple explanation in that this device works the same way. We all vibrate at certain frequencies, and based on our emotions, will vibrate, matching either illness or wellness.

This device sends out a frequency just for that individual that is scanned, using only voice and photograph. It measures your ‘frequency,’ giving information on what is not in balance, and then can be set to send a vibrational frequency to help one balance back to wellness, by matching to what is being sent.

As Einstein stated, “Everything is energy; match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get this reality….it can be no other way; this is NOT philosophy; this is PHYSICS.

Still skeptical? People didn’t believe X-RAYS could do what they do….😉Now, they are commonplace.

If you wish to private message me on Facebook, my name to find me is “Ellen Angelica Pendergast.” Private message me and I will give you more information and proof of how this does work.

I am also available to scan any individual, and can do this by SKYPE because it works from anywhere and can go to any place in the world….(just as you can place a phone call to anyone from your cellular device…it works the same way to send a wellness frequency).

Here is the link:



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