Due to many requests, I will be accepting questions to start a question and answer, “GENTLE GUIDANCE COLUMN” on this website. Please send all questions to:


I have decided to start a “Gentle Guidance Column,” to help with answering any questions regarding either concerns on a personal level, world level, or on a Spiritual Level. Be aware, that I will be answering all questions with a ‘metaphysical twist,’ and most likely both question and answer will be published on this blog site, (unless otherwise specified). You may view your questions and answers here at this website.

I will also answer questions, personally, through my email, if you prefer a quick answer. If you do not wish your question and answer to be published, please be sure to include that request when submitting your question. All senders remain confidential and there is no need to add your name to your question, unless you wish to do so.

*Please send all questions to:


*Please be advised that I hold no liability for any guidance given, as this is an intention to bring information only and not a direct treatment plan nor a remedy or cure for any type of mental health diagnosis, disorder, plan, etc. I also hold no liability for any physical or psychological problems that may result due to the guidance that may be given. It is only an intention to give whatever information you may be requesting…..Blessings!

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