Dear Viewers,

This is a prayer for the Uplifting of the Planet as the Christ Consciousness approaches:

‘I give to you my heart, my soul, my body to renew, refresh and enlighten me. I open my soul to you for you to upgrade it with your divine omnipotence to give it a new cellular growth and abundance of healing for myself and others and the pure essence of love and joy.

I ask for the gifts of the new energy emergence to permeate not only my physical body but my light body. Through this I feel security, love and compassion for myself and my planet. I am grateful for being accepted into the Union of the divine Father and great Mother, and I am a blessed child of the Divine Realm.

I know that I have worked hard and earned this new energy and it is welcomed in my body. I am truly grateful for being a part in the great shift. I know that my renewed energy will leave an upgraded blueprint for generations to come, and I am forever grateful for taking part in God’s master plan. Accept my light for I have given it up to you. I am part of a blessed union and, through this, all will be well in my world and on my planet. Thank you and Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

****This prayer was found at the following website, sent by a dear friend to me a few days ago:



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