The Realizations on this Blog, SPIRIT-MINDED.COM are going to be upgraded to an IPHONE app, (the existing one is being re-vamped, and which will be found in the App Store, under the company name “NINJA CHEMIST!” (NINJA CHEMIST has many wonderful apps in all genres!)

The next first 50 Realizations will be available in this new App and improved with easy scrolling to read through. They are a wonderful inspirational gift to send to someone you Love or just to help a friend who may need a boost of encouragement or a gentle ‘waking up!

Helping each other is my intention….to help as many as we can. These apps are a tool to do so. They are available for purchase for just $1.99, and at your fingertips, there when you need to be reminded of the Magnificence of Who You Really Are, and Whom We All Really Are!


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