Due to the recent news of Robin Williams taking his life this past August 11th, 2014, this article is dedicated to him for all the joy he brought to the world, as well as for all others whom meant something to someone; whom also brought joy; whom were important to someone, somewhere; to all those whom had also chosen to exit this lifetime this same way. This article extends also to all those whom have lost those dear ones through this act. There is no judgment, for everyone is on their own life’s path, and it is between them and God as to which way they choose to evolve. In this particular article, I am deviating from “Realization’ blog entries, for this article is intended to serve as information to help those on their path to wellness.

A few words regarding depression and suicide:

I had worked as a mental health counselor treating suicide attempts for both teens and adults. I had done my graduate studies on the effects of MSG and Soy and found this: Many, many suicidal attempts and successes in committing suicide are due to food allergies. The reason being is that usually when one goes into rehab after basically self medicating to ‘feel better;’ they are usually self medicating the symptoms such as anxiety, depression and very negative thinking from foods that contain MSG and Soy. Sadly, once they stop the drugs and alcohol, but continue to ingest these foods that contain food additives, their symptoms become so severe, they sometimes, sadly, commit and succeed in their attempted suicide. I believe, without actually knowing what caused Robin Williams attempt and completion, that this is a very good possibility as to why this time he decided to die, as he recently underwent Rehab, and was most likely ‘clean’ when he decided to commit this act. Of course, no one knows his diet, but chances are for this to occur after so many years of depression, it is a valid hypothesis, and is based on many years of research and treatment of patients from my past experiences.

I am posting this for all whom are battling addictions to be very careful in what you are eating, especially after you are ‘clean.’ Reason being, your symptoms of ingesting these harmful food additives can become unbearable without the relief of the drugs and alcohol to tone down or minimize the symptoms of depression or thoughts of suicide. It is ESSENTIAL to watch your diet! Blessings!

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